Thursday, January 20, 2011

A wish of mine... to own a bike like THIS one someday! 

Oh glory. If only, if only.  I first fell head over heels with these bikes when I visited Amsterdam, where there was an over-abundance of magnificent pedals and wheels. I was thrilled to capture this beauty while the owner was in a local shop:
This was taken in Holland, near a town my friend lives in. She was an exchange student that came here last year, and when she saw this hanging up in my bedroom, a double take was needed - she thought it was hers! Maybe someday when I move to Europe and eat french bread and croissants everyday, THEN ... I will be able to justify the purchase. Until then, I'll continue to dream whilst devouring my 'not-even-half-as-delightful' croissants and nutella (which, by the way, is the most brilliant idea ever. Hazel + spreadable chocolate? Win, win, win situation). 


  1. Those are neat! I especially like that second picture! ;D

    I personally wouldn't want to live in Europe though... They have weird politics...XD

  2. Thank you, Chelsea! My friend Jiska (the one I talked about in this post), said she tried to comment, but her computer wouldn't let her. Over a facebook message she wrote this:

    "When you are coming to holland to visit me, we will make a bikeride . You can ride on my bicycle.Don't worry about the politics, they aren't weird. Ofcourse some things happen that I think... mmm they shouldn't have done that , but it's the same in the United States. Hopefully you can visit me someday and I will create a delicious breakfast for you :)

    Ohhhyeah, I'm really, really looking forward to that bike ride and delicious breakfast. :) Also, politics can be pretty trippy, but it all depends on each nation. This is where prayer comes in:) (hopefully not just for politics, but for everything in life!)

  3. Can't get enough of the vintage!!

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  4. those are beautiful! especially the second one! I wish everyone rode bikes where I live =D
    have a great day!!