Thursday, December 30, 2010


I know it’s not thanksgiving anymore, but Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to be thankful right? I am thankful for family. And I’m thankful for family with property in Chelan. Seriously. Today we drove out to visit my aunt and uncle and their lovely home. They took us snowshoeing, and it was a complete delight. From God’s glorious creation to the time spent with each other, it was fully worth the 4 hour drive.   

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Food Combinations

Alright, I want you to be blunt with me. Real blunt. As blunt as the end of my eraser during math class (I think you get the picture). Is it terrible that I thoroughly enjoy peculiar food combinations? I've created a list for you to decide - yay or nay?

1) Scrambled eggs with strawberry jam (or better yet, scrambled eggs mixed with chili).
2) Nutella with popcorn.
3) Mashed potatoes and spinach with macaroni {delish. Ch-check it out. Now}.
4) Egg salad, avocado, sprouts, cucumber, paprika & cheesy dorito sandwich: tastes like THIS (if you feel inclined to dance, please do).
5) Pineapple and banana chunks in spicy rice. Mmm - the taste of power.

Do these suggestions make you steam sheer nausea or or do they make your obscure indulgences seem sane?

Cheers to number 6: How about you crawl out of that shell you've been hiding under and satisfy those taste-buds with a mouthful of ABC gum and honey roasted peanuts? The full merriment sets in after you swallow it. Mm, tasty.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Vote 'Yes' to a Larger Vocabulary

Top word of the month: Quagmire.
According to the World English Dictionary, this is a name for 'an awkward, complex, or embarrassing situation'.
A quagmire is similar the time I almost kidnapped a two-year-old-child in an elf costume...on accident....during work hours. To make it even more awkward, the father saw me holding his dear 'Ruby'. You know what else? I saw him twice the next day at the grocery store. Let's hope that never happens again.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Trip With the Fambam

Today I discovered a shop down at Pikes Place Market in Seattle avec my family. I’m ready to return and spend my hard earned money more often. Actually, come to think of it, I discovered TWO exceptional shops this afternoon. The first one only caught my eye because of the free apple cider they were generously serving. A chilly day indeed, snow flurries were about, and there wasn’t anything that could steer our attention from the heated liquid. My whole family wandered in the outlet to accept some, and I, wanting to look like we were actually interested in the shop itself (not just the cider), took it upon myself to amble along one of the aisles. This particular isle was made up of exotic spices. I didn’t get far with my discrete ambling though, an employee inquired on what I was looking for. “ you have any Masala?” Half-heartedly, I asked. You see, this is an Indian blend of spices, I have been unable to locate since my return from the Philippines a month ago, and I doubted they would have it here either. To my utter surprise, she notified me that they not only had ONE type of Masala, but THREE different blends. For a moment, I regretted asking, partly because I didn’t expect them to have any on the shelf. BUT THEY DID. Thanks to my older brother and his fat wallet, I left the shop with a dopey grin and 4 whole ounces of the long-lost foreign spice. Excellent!
On a complete separate note, have you even been to Holland? IF you have, then it is inevitable that you have tried a ‘Stroopwafel’, one of the tastiest treats you will ever allow your taste buds to encounter. Goodness, words cannot describe the adoration I have. This brings me to the next shop – hidden behind a wine cache, there rests the most incredible array of food items from around the world. All lovely displayed, of course. You think I was excited about the Indian spice? Ha! I cannot express the downright joy that I felt when I stumbled upon the section from Holland. I have been hunting high and low all over for these delicious indulgences! Now, at long last, I have been re-united with a former love - my Stroopwafels. A treat I nearly survived on during my past visit to the Netherlands. Ahh, grand day! This has been a good one.

Post Alley. I wish I was as cool as the artist who did this. ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Finals Are Complete, Halleluia!

So I punched my finals in the nose and got one bloody break! (Bad analogy? I may have just abolished all privileges to make up puns.) That basically means I got a 'B' instead of an 'A' on one of my final exams. BOOYA! It's time to relaaax! ...Just kidding. It momentarily slipped my mind that I have a job as an elf for Santa Claus. A stupendous job. A job where I am not only allowed to, but required to be decked out in a red and green dress with tights. Plus, I'm around Jolly Old Saint Nick day after day, hour after hour, photo after photo. Also, I eat way too many candy canes and fresh cookies for my own good. Glory. The following photos depict how Santa and I spent our time when there weren't any guests in the room during finals week: studying.

A sweetie came in today and asked if she could ride the "alligator" ... she meant the elevator.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The end of the quarter is creeping!

It’s finals week. And simply because of that, I have devoted a great time away from the books and invested in other frivolous activities. Photography, work, and cooking in the kitchen are to name a few. Although these may not seem erratic, they are. You have no idea what goes on within these categories. Despite my undeniable urge to focus every ounce of attention on previous lectures, notes, quizzes, activities, chapters, and discussion board posts, I have zero motivation. I actually took a business test late last night without even reading the chapters! Foolish? ..yes. It was the first time in the history of my entire life to do such a thing. And my, was it lousy. I cannot fully express through a computer screen how awful the outcome was. A rebel … perhaps. That thought did cross my mind. The time on the clock was set to exactly 60 minutes … and remorse was setting deeper in my head as the time passed like a garden snail. (A snail's top speed is 0.03 mph…just in case you were wondering). Nonetheless, the test ended and I was displeased with my score. For most classes in high school, I can get away without studying the busy work teachers pass out and still pass with flying colors. But the college work is where it kills me. Shoot. I really need to study. Simply talking about it makes me terrified of the upcoming finals. On a more positive note, I was up in time to watch a glorious sunrise. It was a delightful way to start the day. Here are a few photos that reflect my morning:

Admit it. You're envious of my bedhead.

Attempt number three.

Let's be blunt, shall we?
This is my third blog.
The most followers I have ever had was 7.
Let's hope this time it'll be more.