Monday, January 3, 2011

It's the beginning of the week, shoot.

You ever have those days? The days where you get up and wish you just stayed in bed? Yeah. I had one of those today. It doesn't happen often, but today was just plain cumbersome. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it immensely, because I am grateful that I can laugh about it. Here's how Awkward (with a capital 'A') went down:

1) I got up this morning and realized that it was the first day of school. This may not seem like a big deal, but oh no, it is. I hadn't bought my books for the quarter yet. Wonderful. THUS, a trip into the college bookstore was needed before I could make it to my morning class at the high school.
2) Parking. A horror when it comes to the first day back. I literally scanned every. single. aisle. in all seven parking lots. I ended up parking about 72 miles away (I hope you can handle sarcasm).
3) We wont even talk about how packed the bookstore was! It was like shuffling in a sardine can!
4) Accidentally honking at the car in front of me at a red light. Hm, is that why they were going ridiculously above the speed limit after the light changed green?
5) Arriving to class 30 minutes late. Good thing my teacher loves me.
6) Singing over-enthusiastically on the highway, and then realizing the person tailgating is actually a past classmate...

Despite the maladroit (yes, I went there, I used a word you have to look up) string of events this morning, the rest of the day has been pleasant. I was looking at photos I had taken a few weeks ago, and this one reminded me of a story my sister told me. Did you know seagulls can explode? If people keep feeding bread, the seagulls will drink more water, and never know when to stop eating! Thus resulting in an eruption of the stomach, and an awful lot of feathers to clean up. The ones at Ivars certainly look as if they could go on a diet. Does that seagull look abnormally burly to you too?

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  1. Wow! That's a rather chaotic day... :/ I haven't started school yet. ^^ *Chelsea flashes Katie a huge smile that Katie wants to slap off her face*

    btw, I'm starting a mini webcomic on my blog... if you wanna see it! ;D