Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Highs and Lows

-Street ministry tonight!
-BBQ's. It's hot, hot, hot outside.
-Sending off a sister to Costa Rica. Psyched to hear her stories!
-Posting my website on facebook booked me a wedding! Hooray!
-Tofu soup. I'm not a big fan of tofu. Like.. at all. Sometimes it tastes like I'm biting into a buttery sponge. BUT when a Chinese friend makes it the way she was taught growing up, it is quality business.

-Emergency room bill. Yikes. Can they charge that?
-Allergens floating through the air like they just don't care. And they don't. Unruly minions.
-My handsome husband is being worked like a rented mule. I am so proud of all his work, but his schedule has been a bit chaotic as of late.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sometimes, daisies

Sometimes, a daisy is all it takes to make a day wonderful.
Also, I'm finally 'opening' up my photo site today.
It's been there for more than a year, but I'm finally announcing it on facebook.
Zach has been encouraging it forever, but I never really felt comfortable sharing it with people I know. Insecurities with my editing, mainly. But today, it'll be out in the open.
Here's to hoping that people are interested in getting their picture taken.
Any Seattle dwellers interested in a shoot? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I did it; claiming my blog.

For awhile I was in denial about google reader shutting down.
Then I realized that no mater what I think, it's still going to happen.
So I finally imported all the blogs I follow to Bloglovin.
You should do it too, if you love your reads. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Some things people just don't get. I am one of those people.

Left photo: From husband's perspective (I'd like to think): If you're trying to impress me with an invisible hand puppet ... it's working.
Right photo: Flip your hair, they say. You'll look gorgeous, they say. (Yeah, could be. Or you'll look like a psychopath.) 

Get with the program, K. The more you touch your hair, the frizzier it gets. Also, don't be alarmed, but the light fairy just swooped in front of the camera at the exact time the picture was taken. You now look like a Norwegian ghost.  

Left photo: Quick, look adoringly into the distance and talk to Jesus.  
Right photo: Make a "I just tooted" face, but pretend it's okay and say you look like Bob Marley.

 Note to self: 
Attempted dreadlock turned out longer than the rest of your hair. Fix that ish out.
When someone tells you that you look like a gypsy from Indonesia, it's a good day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toby's in surgery today.

This little man is at the hospital as I type.
He's getting surgery to straighten his fingers out.
Prayers would be much appreciated as this brother gets worked on. 
Thank you!
(He was born with a finger and a thumb. The finger was split in two, so now he has two fingers and a thumb. The scar tissue from the surgery, however, is preventing proper growth. Here's to trusting the doctors that it's the last operation!)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

My dad use to be an avid hiker in his younger years.
Now that he's older, he still loves it, but doesn't venture outdoors as often as he'd like to.
Which means that Father's Day typically results in some sort of a hike.
This Father's Day was a simple, yet beautiful hike over at Deception Pass.
Although I didn't get any good photos of the view from the summit, I DID spot a whale.
I wasn't sure what it was sticking out of the water, and then when I looked again,
POOF, it was gone.
After this, Zach and I spent some time with my in-laws at their house.
The boys went out to see Iron Man 3, and the girls stayed back to watch a sap-tastic-tear-felt-drama/comedy combo film from the 80's. In all, a success.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Business Cards

It's getting crafty up in here.
Does anyone know of an etsy shop that design stamps for business cards?

Till Death Do We Part

If you are engaged, married, or have friends that are getting married, watch this.

Honestly, this was such a frustration for Zach and I when we got married.
It was as if, all of a sudden, a good chunk of our friends kinda dropped-out of our lives.
Don't do that to people. It's frustrating. We all need community.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick stop.

Sometimes I look at photos of other countries and think,  
I need to add that place to my travel list.
However, I often forget how beautiful the place I live is.
This summer is dedicated to exploring my own state.
This location in particular, is about 15 minutes away from where our families live.
What places have you explored recently?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Highs and Lows

-Playing 'catch-up' over at this space. (Whoops - everything was posted today.)
-Coffee (last week) with that beauty next to me.
-Zach had the last three days of work off. PERFECT timing!
-Spending the night with family and watching sister's sing a duet in the middle school choir. 
-Watching a video of my brother-in-law's kindergarten graduation. Over and over.
-Hiking with the boyfraaan (a.k.a. the husbaaaan).
-Watching Jesus work. I love this. Find someone (or five), buy them food, and listen to their story. I cannot stress enough that people (no matter what they look like or smell like), are people.

-Burns. My skin is not made for this weather, but, OH, how it loves it.  
-We walk into the emergency room on Tuesday:
      Nurse: What can I help you with?
      Zach: I sliced my finger pretty deep.
      Nurse: So you have a laceration.
      Zach: Yeah, you could call it that.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer in full swing

When the BBQ is out, the corn is roasted, and avocados are on the table,
all is swell in Seattle.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I took an hour to find some friends climbing off the highway. I never found them. 
The time wasn't wasted though. This state has so much to be in awe of. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The E.R.

If Tuesday had a time-line, the gist of it would be this:

Wake up. Take care of horses. Garden. Run. Craft. Thrift with friend. Decide to be business partners and buy a 1920's sewing machine with said friend. Cook. Craft. Zach comes home. Katie and Friend tell Zach about new business plan to sell antiques. Zach cuts lime with butcher knife. Zach misses lime and cuts finger instead. Zach sees bone. Katie screams. Katie directs Friend to take care of husband. Friend pulls up hair and tells Katie to get needle and thread. Friend, Katie, and Zachary end up going to the emergency room. Stitches happen. Arrive home after midnight. Crafting postponed until Friday. 

And that, bloggers, is our Tuesday in a nutshell.   

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Inheritance

One of my 12th grade girls in my small group went through a really rough period this year. Here is her story.

The Inheritance
            Air is different here. This world is thick, and Darkness weighs upon my shoulders like a heavy water-logged cape. Clear liquid drips from the ceiling but turns to ash and scalds my tongue when I attempt to drink. I am so dry, so thirsty for something that cannot exist here. Each breath is solid with thick toxins, giving a false sense of humidity and warmth. I don’t belong here and it’s killing me. This world is buried beneath a thousand layers of reality, everything is fake and false. Truth cannot survive here. I am a neglected spruce in the desert with limp limbs for branches and grimy matted hair for needles.

            So weak. There is no past and no future. The present is fading and I can feel myself dying. It’s not like I imagined. There is no pain, only Sadness clasping at my throat gently with wispy fingers as if preparing a mummy for burial. My keepers can see it too. They are huddled and hunched in a sharp corner, speaking in low languid voices I loathe. They reside in darkness and feed upon the decay of the scum that rats refuse to touch. The keepers rise suddenly and begin to advance towards me while dancing a grotesque and evil dance. They twist angrily and pair up with Despair, Abuse, and Shame which twirl them as they chant “Wither my pet, Wither!” My only companions are greedy for my suffering. It is time for me to slip away now…goodbye...wait…what…how?!

            “Ahgheiwpsdnc!!” the dark inhabitants cry out as they flatten themselves against the ground, involuntarily bowing in anguish to an invisible force. Trying to shield their ears, pluck out their eyes, but nothing can block this power surging through the dungeon. One is retching violently and begins to shrivel. The other frantically digs to escape; dirt flies everywhere but no progress is made.

            But like a silent trumpet calling upon the living, I see an impossibly pure river of silver and gold light rush into the dungeon as an unwavering voice proclaims “I have come for my bride, my princess, my daughter.” At the first syllable, every spirit and keeper explodes into piles of ash that are instantly swept away by the mighty father’s breath. This man had journeyed to the nadir of existence, a place where spirits often boasted that light could never penetrate, and where Sadness’s most precious prisoners are kept in chains made rusty by their own tears. He has come for me? I don’t believe it. Am I worthy of rescuing?

            I want to question him but he has gathered me in his arms like a priceless treasure and is running through the passage to the outside world. As he runs, a redeeming light heals everything in our path; Captive flees in horror but is incinerated by the unstoppable river. My father’s arms are strong, secure, and steadfast. His touch is gentle and his cloak is light and soft. I am transformed from a ghostly prisoner to a swaddled baby, still helpless, but warm and dependent in a way that is perfect. I belong here in his arms and will remain forever. 
            We burst through the ground like a giant first punching through a wall, but my father protects me and I feel no impact. Ouch! Truth and Reality slap me forcefully but also playfully. Now I remember. Colors, people, songs, sugar, family, oxygen, creativity, love. I want to live here in this world but I know I am still dying.

            Wait! My dad is a surgeon of the soul. My body becomes transparent as I feel him delicately unclench my paralyzed fist from my heart and lift it from my chest. I trust him completely because we have met before. He was my father before I was taken, during my imprisonment, and now. He never stopped searching for me and I never stopped longing for him.

             He is looking thoughtfully at the heart; there is no life to be seen, only a sickly gray lump that has more resemblance to a hairball than a vital organ. But he transfers me to one hand and with the other massages the heart back to life. It turns black first as deep shame floats to the surface and is removed, next it becomes white as he purifies it with his mercy. Finally, he pours a refined and rich red liquid onto the surface. It takes me a moment to see it is coming from a hole the size of a nail in his otherwise perfect palm. He is reviving my heart with his own blood. It is now red and healthy and he nestles it softly where he created it to be. I feel so strong now, so clean and pure and joyful and accepted and beautiful and forgiven and loved.

            Now he speaks softly in a loving voice only meant for me: “For now on use your hands to serve me and I will protect your heart. You are my bride, my princess, my daughter. You are an heir to the kingdom of heaven. You were never lost to me and I will always come looking for you. I love you.”

Saturday, June 1, 2013


"erlöst is the true story of Bettina Abraham. From her own words, she describes her journey through childhood abuse, sex trafficking, and unimaginable loss - to find hope and redemption."
My cousin, Chris, shot this for a local film festival. They did a marvelous job.