Monday, January 24, 2011

Loose Scarves Remind Me of Laid-Back Updos

Yet that title has almost nothing to do with this post. 
Jeans & belt: Forever21. Top: JC Penney. Cardigan: Kohls. Scarf: Wet Seal.

562 undead emails. Oh dear. This overwhelmed me for a moment, but thankfully it was from an old email address. After skimming through briskly, I left the page and decided to focus my attention on other matters. One of these 'other matters' I speak of is attempting to do homework. But seriously, Mr. Math, why oh why must you torture me so? My teacher mentioned in class the other day that we actually wouldn't use the majority of topics we're learning right now in real life unless we become math majors (how's THAT for a run on sentence?). I honestly have no intention of that. Ever. So I've come to the conclusion (actually, not a new discovery) that math has absolutely no benevolence to my life at all. And if for whatever reason, I need to figure out a concept in life that uses math...I'll resort to google.

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  1. *sigh* They're wasting our time when we could be doing something that could be preparing us for our future carrier that DOESN'T envolve math...

    btw, I like this outfit too! *o*