Thursday, April 26, 2012

Holler at your girl, she's got photos!

Want to know what I've been up to?
This is what I've been up to:
Spending time with my loooooove!
Cheryl's work is displayed here. She does such a marvelous job.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

A day late! Oh well. Cheers!
-The smell of fish sauce. And oyster sauce. Where? In my hair.
-Telling a customer at work when she complimented my hair, "Actually, I stopped using shampoo three weeks ago. Let me tell you about it..." I go on to explain all the benefits, and how I go about the process. All the while, she stares blankly at me as if a human being couldn't possibly be anymore outrageous. (I'll update you guys on this topic soon.)
-Deciding I have no shoes that go with a specific outfit, and listening to Zach convince me to wear rain boots. So I wear my wellies, right? And then the sun makes an appearance and decides to stay a while. Guess who wishes she would have brought an extra pair of shoes?
-Bon Iver. Always beautiful.
-Deciding on a whim to purchase the next train ticket out to visit my sister in Vancouver, Canada.
-My wonderful sister finishing the front of our wedding invitations.
-My dearest friend Aubrie (talented graphic arts genius) beginning and finishing the back of the invitations, all in one sitting. They look so incredible.
-Watching a little boy get upset at his scooter, proceeding to pee on it.
-Homemade -Blackberry and peach pie.
-Slacklining. It's so challenging! I received one in December, but this last week has been the first time I've been able to test it out. And my-oh-my, all I can say is that I have a newfound respect for all tightrope walkers.
-Putting $1.00 into the machine for water. Pushing the 'coin return' button to get my money back, only to receive $1.25 back! Penny saved, penny earned. Winning.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter Sunday is always wonderful.
I do hope it was for you as well! 
Bloggers, meet the beautiful family I'm marrying into.
I'm not too sure what Toby is doing (front and center)...
...A possible dance move? Elvis impersonation of 'Shake, Rattle & Roll''?
The boy just needed to bust a move. You can't blame him. I mean, Christ is risen. 
What's more dance worthy than that?!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweater and MJ. Nothing better.

Can I tell you a secret? I sometimes shop in the men's section.
T-shirts, sweaters, and wool socks? Helloooo jackpot! 
THIS sweater, however, is my Fiances'.
It was rather frigid the other night, so he sent it home with me (as a gentleman should).
When the sun rose and I didn't have inspiration for much, I pulled that gem on.
    The face? I may have been listening to a little too much MJ this morning...
It's my best expression of:
"Just beeeeat it, beat it! No one wants to be defeated.
Showin' how funky strong is your fight..."  
Do yourself a favor and go listen to that song. Please.
Even better? Get up and dance.
100% guarantee it'll make your mood 200% better.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scarf as a dress? YES.

Hello, hello! This weekend I decided to switch it up a bit.
-I put $40 of gas in the tank instead of the usual 20.
-Following that quote below, I started the process of a photography site. I will inform you of its 'whereabouts' soon. Thank you, Fiance, for contributing.  
-And I wore a scarf as a dress. Also, another round of applause to my love, for purchasing it.