Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big 'T'

Is it possible to put trust in something unseen? Absolutely. 
My question is, why don't we do it more? 

Curiosity was spurred this evening as I reflected how God has been working in my life lately. 
One situation in particular, dealing with school. 
A transcript, to be exact. A silly piece of paper with grades!
What makes us human beings so incapable of trusting? It shouldn't be difficult, based off all the examples given in the Bible, what is it that keeps us from trusting God with our everything
It's been shown again and again that he always comes through. No matter what the situation. 
I'm so thankful to rely on something greater than myself. 
Because trusting the Creator gets easier as it's done more frequently. 


  1. Yeah, it's kinda weird how sometimes we can trust people we barely know and not trust God. Trust is hard though...but I don't why; it certainly shouldn't be.

  2. Exactly! And God ALWAYS shows up in your situation! I've learned to ONLY depend on him as my rock!

  3. Chelsea, what an excellent point you bring up! It seems like that sometimes, doesn't it?

    Morgan, love it! It's so much easier to relax than to worry!