Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Promised a Joke! here it is: 
Why was the tomato blushing? 
Wait for it...I'll post the answer after you guess. NO CHEATING, okay guys? 
This is some serious business. Which means ixnay on the ooglinggay.  
(That's pig latin, just in case you're not fluent in said form of communication).
It's alright though, because I'm here to translate.

Anyways, guess what you guys? It's official. 
...I am a terrible cook.
As you may already know, my concoctions hardly ever come out normal. 
What does that even mean? Normal. HA.
I tried to make some healthy banana pancakes with whole wheat flour today. 
You know what? 
More batter was outside the bowl than in it. it suppose to be chunky? I think not.
But I'll have you know that I will not give up. 
I will make something scrumptious, and it will be palatable.
THIS is my next attempt, hopefully success will reign victorious.
...because this recipe is actually American.
...and it's not from my memory either.

Alright, now start thinking real hard and get guessing on that joke!         


  1. I think the tornado was blushing 'cause he caught a glimps of you! ^‿~

    Nix Googling? I hear ixnay a lot. Nix??? Does nix mean no?

  2. Because God made him red all over! ;}

  3. Yeah! What does nix mean? (thinking...) I'm going with no?