Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deep water

I'm not sure how I feel about today.
It's raining. I love the rain. But glum am I, because my rain boots no longer fit.

Image: via

This photograph fascinates me. The concept is brilliant. 
...Or so it seems. I'm unaware of what the concept really is, but the idea is genius.
There are three different skin tones represented, which may clarify three different nationalities. 
Perhaps it signifies the idea that we all need help, 
... regardless of our race, social status, or geographical location.
We all need something or someone to pull us out of the deep water at some point.
Or maybe this photo was meant not to be interpreted.
But rather to be enjoyed without translation.
It's possible I'm thinking to much.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Quarter Has Arrived

Hello chums, thanks for sticking with me even when I don't post! 
Thank you for your prayers, I have made up my mind on what to do this summer:
I'll be going to Haiti for a couple weeks, coming back to work in the summer, and then start university in the fall., this means I need scholarships. So feel free to suggest any that you may know of! Thanks, you're a gem. 
Spring quarter has sprung! I'm only taking one class at the college, that way, I'll be able to complete high school without a major stress cloud daunting me. I enjoy happy clouds. So I like this idea best.  
Happy Spring everyone!
P.S. Have you noticed how often the sun has been shining lately?
There was even a rainbow this morning that was beaming across the sky on my way to school.
It made the drive so much more pleasant... along with the flowers, the cherry blossom trees, the clouds, and the green tea bubble tea I drank on the way home. Lovely. It's been lovely. 
The oncoming of this season has called for an excess of cheesy smiles, hence the photo. 
I sure hope you put some extra cheese into your daily lives as well. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You are highly pleasant to the taste.

..The bread is. Not you. Although if you happen to fit any other dictionary references, let me know. 
Alright you guys, if you are dying to make something delicious, this is it. Not even kidding. 
My boyfriend and I made this earlier today, and let me tell you...
Combine sin with a heart attack, and you have one incredible bread recipe.
(Holla' for juxtaposition!)
 Enjoy this sugary-butter-blast from the land of the unconscious. It's just that good.

Also, this is precious:
P.S. An update about the last post: Still praying, but I feel more confident about what I'll be doing this summer. Thank you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Prayer Request

About Haiti.

Good afternoon! I need some help here.  
I've been given an opportunity to go back to Haiti this summer, but I'm not sure if God wants me to go. And I certainly don't want to go for the wrong reasons. 
The verdict? If I go to Haiti, I will go straight to university in the Fall and care less about getting my associates degree. 
If I don't go to Haiti, I can finish up my college work this summer and have two full years of college under my belt (through community college). 
If Haiti is the final decision, I need to get the money in by March 15th. 
If education is the final decision, I need to sign up for another class ASAP (so that I'll only have 15 credits [3 classes] to take in the summer).
Please pray if you think about it! Thank you so much!   

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Good morning toots. Honestly, you probably don't enjoy being called 'toots' by a complete stranger, but I'm feeling a lack of vocab here in my neck of the woods. So, please... don't go all falafel on me.

 'Falafel' has been my choice word for the past few weeks. I use it to replace inanimate objects. Like my cat. You may bring up the argument that my cat is a creature and not an object. But I feel like he's an object sometimes because he never talks to me. So I never talk to him. Thus, I call him a falafel. Another example of a falafel would be homework: "This homework is acting like quite the falafel."
...Get it? Falafel. I'm alright if you disagree with my vocabulary. 
We can still be friends, I hope.     

Monday, March 7, 2011

Canada, Beautiful Vancouver!

What a weekend! My sister graduated last year from a university in Canada, and her dream is to open up an art gallery in the inner city. I visited her this past weekend, and had so much fun seeing what she gets to do everyday! She works with an organization/movement called Mission Possible, you can click the link to learn more. 
Photos: 1st) Sister's apartment. 2nd) Alley. 3rd) Servants Kitchen (click the link to read about the ministry). 4th) Jenny's studio.  

If you click on the links above, you'll be able to read about the DTES (Down Town East Side) of Vancouver. Generally, people would much rather stay away from it. But my sister once mentioned, "all these people want you to know is that they have a name and a story just like the rest of us." It's so true. The people are very fascinating, and they each have incredible stories. And did I mention they are super friendly!? They are. We would walk down the street, and Jenny would call out the people by name and ask how they were doing, or she would ask about their family, sometimes giving them hugs ... just like any other person would respond to friends. Her pals in the DTES are abuse victims, drug/alcohol addicts, recovering addicts, drug dealers, and those who just happened to go down the wrong road - she loves every one of them, just as Christ called us to love. She lives in the community and walks the streets daily to make relationships with people - what a dream job. To be able to interact and love on people!
I had an absolute tremendous time and enjoyed meeting the people she hangs with everyday. It was an honor as they shared their talents and gifts with me - poetry, writing, art, they all had something unique to offer. It was so much fun! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh, Canada. The land I call my...sisters home?

Hello loves! I am currently writing this to you from seat 21, car 3. I'm on my way home from visiting my older sister for the weekend and am all alone on this train. It's very peaceful, and whoever is making announcements is very witty...that always makes delays much more pleasent. I'll post photos when I get the chance! ALSO, if you haven't noticed already, I've put in some type of 'About Me' section up above to the left. If you have any more questions for me to add, let a sister know and drop a note!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yesterday the rain was dazzling.
As the drops from the sky slowed to an end, the sun showed off how far he could stretch his arms.
Seemingly, the wind wanted to compete, because it picked up and blew all over the place.
The trees started to dance, and the drops of rain on bare branches beamed more brilliant than crystals.
It was like a symphony made for the eyes rather than the ears. 
...And all I could do was smile in awe.