Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010, it's been lovely

Let’s talk ‘New Years’ – the whole shebang! It was a blast. The fireworks, that is. The power blew out on New Years Eve around 8:00 at my house, so I decided to go into Seattle with my sister and one of her friends. We didn’t plan staying ‘till the stroke of midnight, simply because the traffic would be horrid, and the drunkies would be out. There was no agenda, but the main goal was to find a hotel and get to the roof to gawk at the city life. SO, we parked off the side of a street downtown, but only had 58 cents for the parking meter. Go figure. No worries though, because we figured the police would be minding other business for such a night as this. Anyways, once the car was parked, we got out and realized the keys weren’t with us. They also were not in the car. Two strapping young gents (who were not drunk, might I add) approached us and began talking to the lovely ladies I was with. I let out a pathetic sigh, shook my head, angled my forearm against the car, and dramatically slouched as they asked what our itinerary was for the night, “oh shoot. The girls are going to hate me for coming now,” I thought to myself. Long story short, the gentlemen did not stay long, we came to the conclusion that it was because I was there, HAHA. Did I scare off these young men merely by my presence? I’d say that’s an accomplishment, never before have I felt such power (I’m kidding.  ...Maybe). In any case, I’ll spare you the details and inform you that we did not end up on a roof. Sorry to cast disappointment your way (you weren’t excited? Dang, I need to juice up my stories). We came close, (oh, so close!), but ran into one too many security officers and locked doors. The night was certainly a success though, or quite the amusement to say the least! Happy New Year everybody! I hope you keep your resolutions better than I do!

In all honesty, I didn't want my camera to be snatched. So I settled for bokeh images from the comfort of the car.

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