Friday, March 29, 2013

Highs and Lows

-Loose-leaf tea.
-Two-hour bike rides surrounded by butterflies and sunshine.
-Thai-iced tea, thrifting, and frisbee.
-Homemade cashew milk.
-FREE new suitcase found in the u-district (Seattle) in a dumpster. 
-Husband teaching me about Jesus.
-Second-day curls.
-Spending time with friends before they leave for Ethiopia next week!
-6:00am greetings from the birds.
-Running in before Trader Joe's calls it a day, and then making it out right on time.
-Surprise bowling with two younger sisters.
-Learning to make curry.
-Reconnecting with old friends.
-Not being able to join friends on the Seattle streets this evening.  
-I accidentally ran over a gardener snake today. My bike tire couldn't avoid it!
-Getting stung by bees; due to the will power of two stubborn horses. 
-There's talk of new horses coming to stay on the farm (permanently). We have no more stalls! Twelve horses is quite enough already. Count it all joy, Katie ... count it all joy. I am trying. 

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