Friday, March 22, 2013

Highs and Lows

- Street ministry tonight. Yes. I love these people and can't wait.
-Friday, obvs.
-God's sense of humor; it snowed on the first day of spring.
-Finishing the OBE; the exam I was stressing mad over. It turns out, everything I read wasn't relevant to any of the questions the profs prepared. One book, however, I read at midnight before the test, and I was able to base a paper off that. We'll see if I passed. You can never go wrong with C.S. Lewis papers. My other paper though, ikes.
-Fresh flowers and open windows.
-32 ounce containers of Hummus. Yum, yum.

-I cut a bald spot on Zach's head. A little too much of a haircut on his crown...
-This week has been absolute chaos with school. I do love it, and am so grateful for the opportunity, but this week has been so difficult with balancing excessive reading, writing, cooking, cleaning, and finding time to talk with my love.
-Getting frustrated at little things; it's been so petty.


  1. just found your blog and i am SO glad i did!
    you are so beautiful and your heart for jesus is awesome, i can not wait to get to know you more! blessings sweet girl!

  2. Thinking about the highs and lows is such a great idea! As is realizing when we've been petty -- tough to do! :) Jo

  3. fresh flowers and open windows - amen. Love those :)