Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

YOU GUYS. I won a dance competition at a packed-out bowling alley on Friday night. My proof and my prize: A free basket of french fries at the snack bar. Yes. Cosmic bowling AND dancing? Put me in the game, coach!
This weekend consisted of:
-Said bowling above.
-Ultimate Frisbee ... not just one but TWO days in a row!
-Ham; lots of it.
-Sweet potatoes and salad. Also, loads.
-Constant sun.
-Walks and talks.
-Dresses. One of my dresses actually ripped while I was playing ultimate. Like.. really bad. The seams that connect the top and the bottom were torn upon hitting the ground after diving for the frisbee (and yes, I caught it ... just for the record).
-Homemade cinnamon rolls from my momma's kitchen.
-Seeing family visit from out of the country; they brought us fresh Saudi coffee beans. :)
-Jesus. He is risen!


  1. send some of those cinnamon rolls my way. on a frisbee, preferably.

  2. You are the cutest!!

    Lesley /