Sunday, March 10, 2013

Highs and Lows {a tad late}

Here are this last week's ups and downs:
-Spring Break. Hellooo Portland, prepare to meet your biggest fan.
-Impromptu coffee and boutique outings.
-That photo you keep looking up at (..or am I the only one?). Sifting through last year's stash, and that gem showed up. Picking only one photo to post wasn't easy. It was either this one of Hubs and I, or the photo of last halloween where he dressed as a Norwegian and I dressed as a.. a... I don't really know what or who I was dressed as. All I know is that I had a comfy sweater with pockets large enough to cram a substantial sum of sweet treats into. We obviously put a lot of thought into it.   
-Bike rides under a sky that isn't crying.
-Father-in-law arrived safe back from Haiti, in one piece.
-A few Friday's ago (March 1st), a friend from Seattle was freed from bondage and drug addiction. God is so good, you guys! It was amazing to watch as joy came over him and he began to smile uncontrollably. His response to this "hug" from God: "There's just so much love and stuff, I want to feel like that all the time!" God is so good! He brings hope to the hopeless and freedom to those in chains. 

-10,000 page minimum to read by the 21st is not going well.
-It took an hour to bring out the horses Friday morning. Much too long for those long face foals.
-Going out to the Seattle streets on the 8th didn't happen. I was crushed.
Enjoy your Sunday! Feel free to post your highs and lows in the comments! 


  1. That photo is way cute! Love it. That's awesome about your friend, too! God is so good! Stories like that are so encouraging. Happy spring break :)

  2. I love this picture of you two. So sweet!