Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Miracles as of late: Provision

It's hard to keep something so big out of this blog. And since so much happens in my life that I don't share on here, I'd like to be more transparent with my faith, but mainly to share what I believe. I will be doing that in a roundabout way, simply by sharing stories of real-life experiences, through a new 'series' of sorts, Who is God? So stick with me, even if you don't agree with everything I say; I'd love to hear your heart or understand what you believe, even if it's different.
After praying for two months about Zach's emergency room drop-in, the fifteen minute charge of $1,088 has been 100% written off! Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son! Now we only have to pay the physician's bill!

After meeting with a bride to talk about her wedding photos (a friend that I haven't seen since 9th grade), I asked if there was anything I could be praying for. Taken aback by the question, she looked at me quizzically. "You could do a rain dance or something." Then she became serious. "I just talked with my grandma, she told me that we could live at her house after she moves out. But there's a slight problem; she kicked out the twenty people renting around her house, because they all share the same well water. The water has to be refilled every several years, but this time it's too expensive, the wells are almost completely dried up, and there's no promise that there will be enough water to last another week." I looked at her, the answer was simple, "Well then, let's pray!" Three days later, I received a text: "I just talked to my Grandma about the well. Both 900 gallon tanks are full." I asked her if anyone came out to fill the tanks, or if her grandma had paid for it to be done. Her response? "It just filled up." IT JUST FILLED UP. How GREAT and how AWESOME and how BIG is God?! SO BIG! After meeting with this friend this last week to follow up, I asked her what she thought about the situation, she replied, "I want to see this 'God' work more and watch what else he can do."  
Well hold onto your seat, friend, he's going to blow your mind.

Jehovah Jireh: The Lord will provide.


  1. This is beautiful! Such an inspiring story- thanks for sharing.

    I always see God's provision in my finances for school. Every semester I look at the numbers and think "This should not add up. I should not be able to afford to go to this school." And when I just sort of let go of the worries, stop complaining, and realize that my situation is beyond myself, everything somehow falls into place. I've had everything from anonymous $200 checks showing up in my mailbox the week before tuition is due to unexpected small job offers from people I've never met. God is working in so many ways that we don't understand, and when we create spaces for him to enter into our lives to complete that work, it's so incredible what unfolds! :)


  2. This is absolutely ah-mazing. Our God is so powerful. I have been in so much awe with him over the past year. Thank-you for sharing this with your readers. I've been wanting to share a similar experience about God's provision, but I've been a little nervous in putting our information "out there", although I know that in the end it would be a great testimony of the goodness of our Lord, Jesus Christ. After reading this, I think I may take the leap. :-)