Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sometimes, daisies

Sometimes, a daisy is all it takes to make a day wonderful.
Also, I'm finally 'opening' up my photo site today.
It's been there for more than a year, but I'm finally announcing it on facebook.
Zach has been encouraging it forever, but I never really felt comfortable sharing it with people I know. Insecurities with my editing, mainly. But today, it'll be out in the open.
Here's to hoping that people are interested in getting their picture taken.
Any Seattle dwellers interested in a shoot? 


  1. What programs are you using to edit? I think they look FAB! I love being able to edit my photos but I'm not using anything to fancy. I've also started making videos from my photos. It's super fun. Love your blog!

    1. Thank you, Kayla! Making videos from your photos? Like putting stills together/stop motion? That sounds like so much fun! You may have just inspired me to do a new photo project. I use Photoshop CS4, but I need to learn to stay consistent when I'm editing a batch. :/


  2. I love daisies! They are just pretty little flowers!