Monday, June 24, 2013

Some things people just don't get. I am one of those people.

Left photo: From husband's perspective (I'd like to think): If you're trying to impress me with an invisible hand puppet ... it's working.
Right photo: Flip your hair, they say. You'll look gorgeous, they say. (Yeah, could be. Or you'll look like a psychopath.) 

Get with the program, K. The more you touch your hair, the frizzier it gets. Also, don't be alarmed, but the light fairy just swooped in front of the camera at the exact time the picture was taken. You now look like a Norwegian ghost.  

Left photo: Quick, look adoringly into the distance and talk to Jesus.  
Right photo: Make a "I just tooted" face, but pretend it's okay and say you look like Bob Marley.

 Note to self: 
Attempted dreadlock turned out longer than the rest of your hair. Fix that ish out.
When someone tells you that you look like a gypsy from Indonesia, it's a good day.


  1. hahaha wonderful compilation of photos here. i think being a gypsy from indonesia is one of THE best compliments and i love that you tried making a dread, haha

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Haha, thank you Marlen! I have yet to master the infamous dreadlock, my husband wont let me actually get them. So until I change his mind, I will work with what I've got. Which .. really, at this point, is just some twisting action and a straightener. :)

  2. new life goal: be told i look like an indonesian gypsy.

    you're way too cute. i dig this outfit.

    1. You look like an indonesian gypsy. BOOM, your goal has been met!
      You are way too sweet, I dig your comments. :)

  3. you're gorgeous!!! And your hair :D high-five for curly locks!

    1. Oh my, you are tooooo kind! High-fiving you right back, let me know when it arrives! :)