Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick stop.

Sometimes I look at photos of other countries and think,  
I need to add that place to my travel list.
However, I often forget how beautiful the place I live is.
This summer is dedicated to exploring my own state.
This location in particular, is about 15 minutes away from where our families live.
What places have you explored recently?


  1. I didn't do much of this in my hometown on Long Island, but ever since we relocated to Pittsburgh last August, we've been exploring the city like crazy!

    Have fun discovering "your own backyard"! I am excited to see more beautiful photos from your explorations =)

  2. From what I've seen in photos and videos, Washington State is incredibly beautiful. I would love to visit there just to see the waterfalls. ... I hope you're willing to share more photos of what you find. :-)