Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

My dad use to be an avid hiker in his younger years.
Now that he's older, he still loves it, but doesn't venture outdoors as often as he'd like to.
Which means that Father's Day typically results in some sort of a hike.
This Father's Day was a simple, yet beautiful hike over at Deception Pass.
Although I didn't get any good photos of the view from the summit, I DID spot a whale.
I wasn't sure what it was sticking out of the water, and then when I looked again,
POOF, it was gone.
After this, Zach and I spent some time with my in-laws at their house.
The boys went out to see Iron Man 3, and the girls stayed back to watch a sap-tastic-tear-felt-drama/comedy combo film from the 80's. In all, a success.  

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