Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Highs and Lows

-Playing 'catch-up' over at this space. (Whoops - everything was posted today.)
-Coffee (last week) with that beauty next to me.
-Zach had the last three days of work off. PERFECT timing!
-Spending the night with family and watching sister's sing a duet in the middle school choir. 
-Watching a video of my brother-in-law's kindergarten graduation. Over and over.
-Hiking with the boyfraaan (a.k.a. the husbaaaan).
-Watching Jesus work. I love this. Find someone (or five), buy them food, and listen to their story. I cannot stress enough that people (no matter what they look like or smell like), are people.

-Burns. My skin is not made for this weather, but, OH, how it loves it.  
-We walk into the emergency room on Tuesday:
      Nurse: What can I help you with?
      Zach: I sliced my finger pretty deep.
      Nurse: So you have a laceration.
      Zach: Yeah, you could call it that.

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  1. such a pretty picture! hope you have a good sunday :)