Sunday, April 21, 2013

God is so good and I have to tell you about it.

I'm just dropping a quick note because I AM SO EXCITED. The kingdom of God is advancing; people are getting miraculous physical healing, and a friend on the street is experiencing the love of a father for the first time in his life; he can't stop smiling and can't stop talking about it! Jesus is alive! I'm learning that God will arrive if we take risks and abandon doubt. 
It is so freeing. 


  1. I agree with you on God's Kingdom advancing. So many of the youth (and older ppl) have been baptized with the Holy Spirit in the past few months. I am still waiting to be blessed with this gift, but I know it will come. There is also an outpouring of other gifts in our church, healing, prophecy, etc. It's so awesome and so real for me as I've never really experienced this before, and I've been attending church since childhood. God is so beautiful. :-)

  2. Jhan, that is great to hear that you are experiencing what God is doing! He is so beautiful, so, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :)