Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seattle Flash Mob 2011

Greetings! This past Sunday, I was a part of a group
that consisted of about 1200-1300 flash mobbers!
To get an idea of what a flash mob is, I've posted this video below.
We mobbed the entire day, from one end of Seattle to the other.
We practiced at our final meet in the morning,
and then mobbed specifically at three locations.
This film shows our second location. 
I signed up thinking it was all about Glee (the show),
but none of us knew about the Lady Gaga appearance. 
Thanks a bundle to my cousin, Sam, who introduced me to flash mobbing!  

Excuse my extreme pastiness. This is seattle.
We don't see the sun often enough.  


  1. That is SO FUN! I'm so jealous...

  2. Omygosh! You are so brave (i would have been oh-so self-conscious 0.o)

  3. Haha love it! There was one held down in Denver last fall but I wasn't able to attend any practices. Being a part of one is definitely on my bucket-list!!

  4. This looks beyond awesome! There has been one in Belgium too, but I didn't know about it untill I saw it one tv... so sad i missed it! x

  5. Looks like fun. But I've never watched Glee... so I'd be very much lost.