Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can you guess..?

Neon orange nail polish: Oh glory. 
(Either the biggest mistake of my life, or one of the best decisions ever).
Plenty of navy blue fabric. Floor length, to be precise.
Lots of needle and thread work.
..enough to make me never want to sew again. 
Have you guessed what's going on today yet?
No? Alright. Here's more:
Shoes: check. Makeup: check. Hair: check.
Picking up boutonnière in an hour...
..okay, that was just a dead giveaway.
If you haven't already caught on,
prom is tonight.

...And boy am I stoked.
What are your plans today?



  1. Mom and I are going out to Macy's to find a dress for our church ball! Exciting, yet, very tiring:)

  2. I want to see a picture! (and personally i'm going with best decision ever for the nail fact, i just bought some bright orange on thursday)