Monday, April 18, 2011

French? Spanish? Eh, what's the difference?

Friend: (Looking through portfolio) Katie, how long did you take French?
K: Just two years, it really helped when I was in France and Haiti though. 
Friend: Do you speak it fluently?
K: Si. 
...uh...I mean oui. I use to. 
That's embarrassing.   


  1. lol. I always thought "oui" was spelled like "wee" LOL! Goes to show how little I know about French. At first I thought you said Oi. But that's cockney I guess...

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  3. *hahahahahahaa* So funny, yet so embarrassing:O
    That's so cool that you took french (i'm learing's awesome!)

  4. You have no clue how happy reading that just made me! Too cute:)