Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PROM photos

Well chums, prom was on Saturday night.
It was marvelous to say the least. 
My favorite photo of the entire night. 
Those balloons were dying to get their picture taken. 

To the right is Zach's sister and her date (It was junior/senior prom). 

My lovely friend Nina sported a style from a few decades back and looked fabulous.
Dress detail #1
I designed my dress while I was living in the Philippines, a man named Raffy made it for me. 
However, a lot of the style in the Philippines is still in the 80's...
...and that's certainly not a bad thing. I love it.
BUT, it meant that I had to work on the dress after I returned to the states. 
Luckily, my mother knows an excellent seamstress, and she was able to help me out.
Detail #2
The sewing mentioned in a previous post relates to those coconut beads.
Oh, those dreaded beads.
I sewed on more beads on the back...
And although it may not seem like a lot,
keep in mind that my sewing skills are that of a two-year-old.
I pricked my fingers more than once or twice...and even my lip.
I...I don't know how that happened.   



  1. OH MY WORD! i love your dress=D so pretty and it makes me very happy. and Nina's dress is also quite lovely...i'm a sucker for vintage:) Oh and the man is lookin fine too.

  2. You guys look so cute together! I just love your dress and all of your pictures:O

  3. Thank you both! I appreciate your lovin' :)
    Nina had a relative make her dress. I loved the way it turned out!

  4. fun!!