Friday, February 4, 2011

It's been awhile..

Okay, sorry guys. I've been a little preoccupied. Nothing like a good ol' final to kick my derrierre.
Math is not my cup of tea, especially math I try to cram into my brain the morning of the big test. I'm a chump. Let's just get it out in the open now.
On the plus side, this week hasn't been a complete bumble. Last night I was part of a dance party on the balcony outside my room. No, not by myself (although...those dance parties can be a thrill). Some lovely buddies came over to try a new tea, and we were itching to bust a move (or two..or fifty or so).

I love colorful mornings. It's a beautiful reminder that there's more to life than what we see.  
In other news, it's Strange and Stupendous Friday! (I think a name change will be necessary..or I should just make my Thursdays more exciting). Here' goes:
Strange, sarcastic complaints (with a dash of awkward):
- Waiting forever and a day for a train to pass so I could turn left and arrive to class on time.
- Feeling my heart pound as the train was slowing to an ever more leisurely pace than a sloth.
-After getting daubed with a very large puddle by a very inconsiderate semi-truck, I prayed real quick that nobody was coming toward me (going the big 5.0.), and made a dash outta my lane. I felt like superwoman. A little too super actually. I decided it was best to keep an eye on the speedometer.
- Taking the test in a freezing cold room because the room next to us is an irish dance class. Hardcore, I know. My school is cool. And then after they leave, the violin class comes in to practice for upcoming recitals. Even better.
- As if the dance jigs and the trail of finely tuned melodies of the strings wasn't enough, there was a pack of wolves outside the door ripping each other apart. Not really. They were freshmen. And they were smashing each other up against the hallway wall(s).
(Just a quick f.y.i. - I'm a really tolerant person. Truth! No sarcasm here, friends, I'm not actually bummed about any of these events above, I just like making them seem more dramatic than they really were/are. I love situations that give my day a spin!

- Stepping into the classroom right as the teacher was passing out the test packets.
- After my teacher told us we could listen to our ipods, I stuck those suckers in my earbuds and tried not to focus on how the violin music and my music strangely had the same tune at one point. Distracting, yet legit all at the same time.
- Due to an utter fail attempt at my math midterm, I hit the grocery store on the way home. Some pop-secret kettle corn, and french vanilla creamer? YES please! Avec my hearty snack and a mean cup of joe, I snuggled up in my bed and feasted my eyes on some of the latest blog entries (...and then all was cut short when I realized I still had responses due for a class).
- Alicia, my cashier (that's right, we're on a first name basis...well, 'name on name, minus the second 'name'' basis. I just know her's from the receipt she gives me), we had a good conversation about movies.
- A sweet young woman from Africa wants to be my partner again for an upcoming project in my Children's Literature class! I'm super interested in her culture, and have questioned her outta her mind.
- My family had chicken and rice for dinner tonight. Always a highlight when I get to eat a meal that brings me back to the Philippines! The only thing missing was the fresh kalamansi juice.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - no matter what weather conditions are!


  1. Kalamansi is a type of citrus fruit in Southeast Asia. It's pretty small, less than an inch in diameter. As far as flavor goes, I'd call it a mix between lemon and lime - very sour! Super delicious though!