Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stick on earrings and the post office!

First off, can someone please remind me to stop by the store so I wont have to continue using my license as an ice scraper? Thanks. My icy fingers will love you for life. Uh. That sounds weird. I'm sorry.  
Today I bundled up and delivered a letter to the post office.
An hour later I re-bundled because I forgot to put a return address.
Long story short, it took some mail sorting, identification checking, re-opening and sealing, and sweet smiling before I was free to write my name and address. 

On a complete separate note, how many of you thought these were the most prime birthday gift ever at age 4? I cannot even begin to tell you the stories that are associated with these earrings. I'm almost positive they stuck to everything except my ears - the dog's ears, the cat's tail, the carton of milk in the fridge, the bottom of the washing machine, the toilet handle, the radio, car windows - the list is endless.       

I want to hear your stories! Were you a fan of this fad or not?
P.S. I loved your comments on the last post, so fun!  


  1. Uhm. YES! Hello amazing fad of the 90's! I had an American Girl doll who was indeed my best friend ever. And whenever I would get these as a present, I would deck out my ears, and then my dolls ears, and I'd feel like a princess. I think I shall have to buy some of these sometime soon...

    I swear, little girls these days are missing out... I see little 10 year old girls with iPhones, skinny jeans, real diamond earrings, and etc. When I was that age, I had stick on earrings, a plastic play phone, and a jump rope.

  2. I used to love stick-on earrings. Lauren and her friend stuck them all up my ears and all over my face once. Appearently it was a makeover... they were turning me into a "punk" with lots of piercings.

  3. On, like, my ninth birthday party, I went to LibbyLoo (no idea if i spelled that right) with a couple of my friends. We got the whole kit and caboodle; they (gals who worked there) twisted little parts of our hair and made a super tight ponty tail I have ever experienced in my life (it felt like they were taking their anger out on us lol); they put pounds of makeup on us (including stick on stars that they put around the corners of our eyes; and they dressed us up (a spaghetti strap tank top that went above and beyond our belly buttons, and short skirts) was an experience....I loved the stick on stars though!

  4. Oh gosh, I used to love these! These and Hit-Clips were my life as a young'un. It's hilarious and quite reassuring seeing others were fans! And here I was thinking it was an East Coast thing...

  5. Olivia - little girls are SO missing out these days! When I was 10, I was climbing trees, making snow cones out of fresh snow and kool-aid, and pogo-sticking my heart out . iPhones, skinny jeans, real diamond earrings? Seriously.

    Chelsea - what a makeover! It sounds more like your sister and her friend were the punks!

    Allie - An experience indeed! But what a fun memory and a great story!

    Shelby - I completely forgot about Hit-Clips! Goodness. Memories are coming back, those were the days. It definitely was a west coast fad too - I think commercial directors did their job well.