Thursday, February 24, 2011

Iced Delight

Helloooo beauties! As if the weather isn't cold enough already,
why not try out a smoothie to sip underneath your cozy blankets while you watch the flakes fall?
I made this one the other day. The contents: a mango and strawberries.
... And the special ingredient? Sparkling apple cider!
My fridge was fresh 'outta orange juice and other fruity liquids...but there was still sparkling cider! BINGO.
The sweetest thing I have allowed my taste buds experience all week!
6 Strawberries
1 Mango
1 Cup Ice
1/2 Cup Sparkling Apple Cider
Put in blender, mix up! 
     Once upon a summer long ago, I stood in my kitchen about to ingest a delectable blueberry smoothie. 
The verdict? The smoothie was thick. Too thick.
With one eye squinted, I held it over my head and tried to loosen the thick paste by shaking it (naturally). 
Apparently it worked. Because instead of eating the smoothie, the smoothie ate my face.
Eleven words, one number: 
Blueberry. Paste. Everywhere. Cold. Shivers. Down. My. Little. 10-year-old. Body.
Talk about smooth. I was smooth. Smoothied up, that is.  
What are your smoothie stories? 


  1. Lauren made me a chocolate banana, mint, milkshake once... The mint was an acident... it was REALLY wierd... I didn't really like it. The banana overpowered everything and with the chocolate mint... Yeah... that's the only smoothie story I have, and actually it's a milkshake

  2. Ooh, that smoothie sounds sooooooo gooooooood!
    I don't really have any smoothie stories, but I do know that my teeth are really sensitive to really cold stuff! My face twists, I get shivers down my whole body, and I usually try to breathe on my teeth...that usually never works >o< (me:face twisting, breathing on teeth face...*haha*)

  3. KATIE! You'll love me for this.

    A cup of ice cubes
    About 1/2 a cup of orange juice (just enough to fill to the top of the cubed ice)
    A handful of delicious strawberries
    A whole banana


    Drew introduced this to me. I am now a smoothie lover.