Friday, December 17, 2010

Finals Are Complete, Halleluia!

So I punched my finals in the nose and got one bloody break! (Bad analogy? I may have just abolished all privileges to make up puns.) That basically means I got a 'B' instead of an 'A' on one of my final exams. BOOYA! It's time to relaaax! ...Just kidding. It momentarily slipped my mind that I have a job as an elf for Santa Claus. A stupendous job. A job where I am not only allowed to, but required to be decked out in a red and green dress with tights. Plus, I'm around Jolly Old Saint Nick day after day, hour after hour, photo after photo. Also, I eat way too many candy canes and fresh cookies for my own good. Glory. The following photos depict how Santa and I spent our time when there weren't any guests in the room during finals week: studying.

A sweetie came in today and asked if she could ride the "alligator" ... she meant the elevator.

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