Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day Trip With the Fambam

Today I discovered a shop down at Pikes Place Market in Seattle avec my family. I’m ready to return and spend my hard earned money more often. Actually, come to think of it, I discovered TWO exceptional shops this afternoon. The first one only caught my eye because of the free apple cider they were generously serving. A chilly day indeed, snow flurries were about, and there wasn’t anything that could steer our attention from the heated liquid. My whole family wandered in the outlet to accept some, and I, wanting to look like we were actually interested in the shop itself (not just the cider), took it upon myself to amble along one of the aisles. This particular isle was made up of exotic spices. I didn’t get far with my discrete ambling though, an employee inquired on what I was looking for. “ you have any Masala?” Half-heartedly, I asked. You see, this is an Indian blend of spices, I have been unable to locate since my return from the Philippines a month ago, and I doubted they would have it here either. To my utter surprise, she notified me that they not only had ONE type of Masala, but THREE different blends. For a moment, I regretted asking, partly because I didn’t expect them to have any on the shelf. BUT THEY DID. Thanks to my older brother and his fat wallet, I left the shop with a dopey grin and 4 whole ounces of the long-lost foreign spice. Excellent!
On a complete separate note, have you even been to Holland? IF you have, then it is inevitable that you have tried a ‘Stroopwafel’, one of the tastiest treats you will ever allow your taste buds to encounter. Goodness, words cannot describe the adoration I have. This brings me to the next shop – hidden behind a wine cache, there rests the most incredible array of food items from around the world. All lovely displayed, of course. You think I was excited about the Indian spice? Ha! I cannot express the downright joy that I felt when I stumbled upon the section from Holland. I have been hunting high and low all over for these delicious indulgences! Now, at long last, I have been re-united with a former love - my Stroopwafels. A treat I nearly survived on during my past visit to the Netherlands. Ahh, grand day! This has been a good one.

Post Alley. I wish I was as cool as the artist who did this. ;)

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