Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well that was an adventure: game night in Seattle

Six girls.
One Subaru.
China town.
No parking.
Game night;
Seahawks vs. 49ers.
Vietnamese food + bubble tea.
Car window broken.
Phone stolen.
Jean jacket tossed on barbed wire fence.
Men drinking under bridge near by.
Did I say China town? In Seattle? Yes.
Separate: three girls to Century Link Field.
Conversation about gambling/seagulls/Seahawks with homeless man.
Other man walks up and eyes baggage.
Homeless man pulls out brass knuckles.
Other man has shifty eyes.
We exit scene.
Watch game from Century Link Field and hear roaring fans.
We root for our team and watch people get kicked out.
Coffee shop to buy some tea.
Police man shows up (with other three).
Police man collects information and hands over a 'naked man' suit.
He explains that it is normally used to give to people who run around the streets naked.
He places it on the seat so that no one gets cut.  
Leave coffee shop right as game ends; cheer until we all reunite.
And with that, we are officially the loudest stadium in the world;
Record broken tonight.
Adventure ends here (mostly).