Monday, September 23, 2013

Prayer requests, please join me?

Here's a small handful of requests from a fairly intense night on Saturday.
-A woman that Zach and I work with is currently in Germany with her son. He was traveling in Romania and fell on electric train tracks. After being transferred to Germany, he got an infection, and now the last antibiotic that they're trying is destroying his kidneys. Please pray for healing, and comfort for the whole family.

-Jacob and Amber, who are currently living on the streets. Please pray for tickets back to Arkansas (by Tuesday) to reunite with their three kids.

-Charles and Charles, who are heading to San Fransisco.

-Alex (name protected), who is involved in sex trafficking as he fronts the drugs to different dealers (he's the one who will get caught if police get involved. He's being held against his will, has nowhere to go, and is threatened if he leaves). Please pray that we can find a house or organization to take him in.

-Robert. To know his worth, to find joy and rest.

-Kerry, who is running from a rapist, but he keeps coming back (police are involved/watching him).

-Ike, from Virginia. That he's able to make his way around Seattle.

-Mama Love, as everyone calls her, as she deals with a new found tumor (and the other four). She has so much joy, always!

I know there are some heavy requests in here, but I would love it if you could join me in prayer! Seattle is so rough and when looked at closer, one realizes that the city is more than just a beautiful haze of raindrops and greenery. People hurt. They hurt badly, openly, courageously, and not many care to listen. Thank you!  

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  1. Yes, I will totally pray. Praying right now! Thanks for bringing these requests to our attention Katie Ann. Right now I think it is important for the body of Christ to get outside of herself and minister to others.