Monday, September 9, 2013

Secret hiding places.

I have this habit.
A not-so-very-wise-yet-always-a-surprise type habit.
A habit where I hide a few stuffed envelopes full of dolla' dolla' bills.
And then I always find said envelopes at the most opportune time.
This time, one was spotted after clearing a book shelf for dusting.

And now you know where I hide my extra monz.
I take after my great grandmother in this. No shame.

After she passed, we found hundreds of dollars stuffed in book pages.
I'm not to that point yet. I hope to never be.


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  2. Ha! that sounds like an amazing idea. Now, if only I actually had extra money to store away.

  3. haha I actually really love this idea. But I never have cash on me to hide

  4. Hahaha I love finding money in my pockets and stuff, but this idea I love!

    Here the smallest bill is 5$ though and I would rather buy a coffee I think

    Maybe I can hide coins??

    Thanks for sharing this lovely thing you do x