Tuesday, May 28, 2013

K&Z write it on paper

Today I closed my eyes and bit into a peach. Note to self: Never do that again. I shifted my eyes to the second half of the peach (still chewing on the first) and saw mold everywhere.
Moral of the story: If it tastes funny, spit it out.

After my grandparents left our house last night, Zach and I stayed up creating lists.
Here are the titles:

Katie: Life goals. Hopes. Dreams. Things that will happen. Mountains that will be triumphed over, risks that will be taken, and recipes of greatness backed by ingenuity and insight that will be created.

Zachary: Things I want to be able to do: Bucket List.

Some of the contents:

K: Learn to belt notes like Aretha Franklin.
Z: Live off 10% of our salary and give the rest.
K: Own a moped and go tell it on the mountain.
Z:  Tie a bunch of knots.

The list is more extensive, but we'll stick with that.
I may be aiming a bit out of my league with the whole singing deal. But whatevs.
It's included in the "Things that will happen" list, so I'll give it a year or twenty.


  1. I love the difference between your titles =P
    Good lists! I need one for this Summer, thanks for reminding me!

    1. Haha, thank you! Zach was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything in life he still needs to do. Making a list was the perfect idea at the time. Good luck with yours!


  2. I really love this. good luck with all of your lists.

    1. Thanks Katie! We'll see if these happen. I sure hope so. :)