Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Highs and Lows

While shooting one of my senior small group girl's, a gentleman asked to take one of us.
With that, my day was made.
-One of my best friends graduated college last Friday. She's 19. WHO DOES THAT?  She got her bachelors in Psychology, and has already been accepted to all the Master's programs that she applied to.  I am SO proud!
-My nephew's first birthday celebration on Cinco de Mayo.
-My uncle's military burial. The gun salute, the veterans that ran the service, the flag, it was all very honoring and sobering. (This is a high because I loved being there with family and loved watching a great man get honored in a fitting way.)
-Massaman curry. Pad Thai. Peanut sauce. 'Nuff said.
-Offered a teaching job in Madrid. Uh, what? Yes, please. 
-Our good friends, Michelle and Nathaniel, are pregnant! Baby Michaniel on the way!

And a high all on it's own:
"Uh, I think a lump just came out of the creamer."
"Shawna, don't drink it!"

11:00 pm Saturday night marked the the start of writing 65 pages for a final project: three Odwallas, two cups of coffee, one cup of green tea, one cup of good earth, six cups of water, three bowls of honeycombs, and plenty of Sufjan/Vitamin Sting Quartet/ Fleet Foxes/Radical Face/Andrew Belle/Bon Iver to keep my friend Shawna and I company. When the lights turned off inside, the sunrise had already crawled into my windows and the stars were resisting the push of the light. Soli Deo Gloria for beauty in the midst of papers and projects!

-So many papers.
-Family loss, as you have already read.
-Never try to blow out a candle when you are brushing your teeth. It gets messy. 
-Late night studying. Zach didn't go to bed at all one night. He stayed at school until midnight, and then came home to work on the rest of his paper. He finished at six in the morning. Then he had to go back to school for a meeting, a test four hours later, and then to work until 11 that night.

All that aside, this trumps everything:


  1. Wow! It's so amazing how people still function under extreme stress. Your husband is a trooper and so are you! Congrats on finishing the school year! And graduating college at 19 is crazy! Your friend must be super smart and driven. :-)

  2. Yay for school being finished and NO FINALS LEFT! I hope things are going better for you and that you have been able to get some relaxing time.