Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Saturday list

1. Go ahead, eat as many ice cream cones as you want. We'll all be dead soon anyway.

2. Punch the fear of whatever in the face.  The fear of speaking up, the fear of not being smart enough, just ... just punch it.

3. Give more than you think you have. I promise you  everything will be just fine if you skip your Starbucks for a day and give triple the amount to someone else.

4. That said, talk to people on the streets. Instead of ignoring them, introduce yourself and take them out to eat. Learn their story. Have a conversation with them. Tell them that they matter.

5. Cut the small talk. Nobody cares about a beautiful day (just kidding, I love weather talks). But really, people are people. People are valuable. People need to be loved more than they need to hear about the current condition of the sky.

6. Be genuine. When you ask someone how they are doing while passing them, stop walking. Talk face to face, not face to back-of-head. 

7. When in doubt, drink tea and talk to Jesus. It's simple. You may look like a fool, but I promise you, you are heard.

8. Never underestimate the power of lipstick. It makes any day better.


  1. yes and yes and yes and yes.

    all such simple, but perfect life lessons. more like life notes, I guess.

  2. Love. This. List. Smiley face. ;)

  3. couldn't agree with you more on the lipstick ;) great list, made me smile.

  4. Perfect timing for number 3- thank you :) Seriously, why do so many talks come back to the weather? I'm so guilty of it too, but I'm always kicking myself in the conversation!

  5. Hahah this is AWESOME! Love this list girl:) And loving your blog!!! woo hoo for India for you two!

  6. much needed reminders. every eight of them.

  7. Katie, I adore you so much. And this list! gah this list is the best. speaking the truth, woman. I think I may print this out and hang it on the wall.