Friday, July 12, 2013

Highs and Lows

Let me just stand by the tack room real quick and look like an awkward white kid. Check.

-Camping. In the valley by our house!
-Rising early. Reading the word with my best friend, Z.
-Meeting with a friend to hear about her YWAM experience.
-Movie in the park with husband. Doc Brown, you never fail to make me laugh.
-Sister date to Moonrise Kingdom the following evening, also in a park.
           ...Wes Anderson knows how to deliver. Such a fantastic film.
-Hiking 8 miles with my younger brother's girlfriend! I plan on sleeping like a rock.
-Exploring with one of my small group girls: Beecher's macaroni + gyros = life is good!
-Making new friends while playing frisbee.
-Double date picnic at a newly discovered park. Then getting invited to a nerf war. Um, YES!
-Street ministry tonight! 

-Worrying over finances. Not so much anymore, but earlier this week I was preparing to postpone a semester due to a medical bill.
-Bees. I love flowers, but when there's a plant that I need to water, and it's right next to a humungo wasp nest, I get a wee bit woozy. Especially when they attack your favorite person right between the eyes and make him look like an avatar for three days in a row.) Oh, honey.


  1. Bees are horrible and scary and so is worrying about finances.

    I love Back to the Future. One of my favorite movies!

    1. Horrible and scary with vicious little stingers! I hear ya. It is; worrying is stupid.
      Back to the Future is SO GOOD. We share this interest!