Friday, July 5, 2013

Highs and Lows

-Independence Day. Hip hip hooray for freedom!
-Street ministry tonight. 
-Zach and I saw a friend that has been missing for the last two months. So good to see him.
-Zach and I went to get Thai food with one of Z's coworkers; he's been to Thailand 17 times!
-SUNSHINE has been scaling this state with a warm hug! Which means that lake and pool visits have been called for. So happy about it.
-Met with/called three brides this week!
-Movies and gelato. Need I say more?

-The hammock in that photo... it's not in the air like it's suppose to be. I blame the chain!

Do you have weekend plans?
What are your highs and lows this week?


  1. love love love this! hopefully your hammock gets fixed...I LOVE hammocks! haha! have a great weekend Katie

  2. you are adorable. glad there is more highs than lows this week :)