Thursday, July 18, 2013

1 year of marriage!

He drinks African red bush. She drinks green.
He drives a little red pick-up. She rides a yellow bicycle.
He likes to BBQ. She likes to cook.
He likes movies. She likes blogs.
He has perfected the Indian accent. She's working on it.
He likes C.S. Lewis. She likes Poe.  
He uses forks. She uses spoons.
He likes 2%. She likes smoothies.

They both agree that forgiveness is vital, communication is EVERYTHING, and two o'clock in the morning is never too late (or early) for a taco run. 

Yeah, this whole marriage thing...we'll stick to it. Like.. till death.
Happy one year (in three days), Zachary!


  1. This was adorable! I love how you did this post!!<3 Happy Anniversary!

    XO XO

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is sweet :)

  3. too cute!
    happy one year of marriage!

  4. i feel like you were justttt posting wedding pictures! time flies!

    you two compliment each other so well. i love how these comparisons accentuate both your uniqueness and your compatibility. too good.