Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gluten, wheat, dairy free.

Once upon a short while ago, I tried going gluten-free. 
My attempts lasted one whole week.
I'm trying it all over again, this time excluding wheat and dairy as well. 
So long comfort foods, I need to find some new friends.
Friends that are compromised of ingredients that won't leave me feeling queasy. 
Long story short? I'll be getting tested for food allergies soon.
On a completely unrelated note, this looks so serene right now:
Did you ever have a tire swing growing up?


  1. I always wanted a tire swing growing up!
    And I'm so sorry for your eating dilemas :( Nothing helps cure that better than some sweet, sweet fruit!

  2. I didn't, but my neighbour down the road has one. Everytime i walk past i'm so tempted to swing on it!

  3. I shall help you if you wish =)
    My family and I have been gluten free/ dairy free/ sugar free for almost 3 years now. It is possible! (and yummy too, so don't say goodbye to your comfort food just yet ;)

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  5. nice photo! love it!

    btw, i just found your blog and i like to read your posts. those are nice stories.

  6. what amazing photos, LOVE your style!