Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Does anyone know why...

...My polaroids are turning out like this? Is it the film?
These are from two separate cameras, yet the film has relatively the same habit.

Anyway, I have loads and LOADS of creative projects to post!
Keep an eye out, wedding planning has been underway,
it's been getting downright crafty around here!


  1. Strange! Not sure why it does that but it looks pretty cool. Reminds me of these:

  2. *gasp* real film! Not instagram ;P

  3. Thanks Stephanie, that's so fascinating! It must just be the film, then.

    Reeeeeaaaal filmmm! It is such fun to play with!

  4. looks like a bad batch of film, although they did turn out to be rather neat.

    There is actually a pocket of chemicals in the large white space at the bottom of the photo and when the film is squeezed through the camera the pocket squeezes out the chemicals to develop the photo. So neat!