Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY Scented Hand Scrub

Step 1: Select your jars. Any size will do. 
Most craft stores should carry them in the canning section.

Step 2: The labels. 
- On your patterned paper, cut an oval, and make sure the size works for the jar.
I used Microsoft Word for the white labels, and cut them to size after they printed.
- Using Mod Podge, paint the back of your paper, place it on the glass surface, and adjust it to the curves of your jar.
- Cut out your word labels from your computer document (or label maker), and adhere to the patterned paper with Mod Podge. After both layers are down, cover the entire label with Mod Podge, going slightly over the edges, to make sure your label sticks.
- For the cap, trace upside-down along your paper, and cut out. Adhere paper to cap using Mod Podge. Paint on the top of the paper as well, to give a nice finish.  
- Set both pieces aside to dry.

Step 3: Begin mixing your hand scrub.
- In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, and stir.
- I added the essential oil last. About 20 drops, to cover the olive oil scent.

Step 4: Fill your jar.

Step 5: Add embellishments to jar.
- Loop your twine or hemp around the small spoon three or four times, leaving about six inches to continue to wrap and tie.
- Tag a small note or message before you tie your bow. 
- Tie a bow and position off to the side for beautiful aesthetic!   

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  1. Your blog is ADORABLE. I plan on making this scrub asap! Thanks for sharing this darling diy with your readers!