Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almond Butter Banana Rice Cakes

Glory, glory. I'm going to pass out these are so good. 
When this is breakfast, this is love.
And if love is all you need, then you're set. I guarantee it.  
Almond Butter Banana Almond Rice Cakes

2 Rice Cakes
1 Banana
2 Tbs Almond Butter
Sliced Almonds

Set out rice cakes, lather spread the almond butter on top (1 Tbs each cake).
Cut banana into bite-sized pieces, place half on top of each rice cake.
Sprinkle sliced almonds on top if you want more crunch.
Season lightly with cinnamon.  


  1. I love rice cakes. It's the weirdest thing (so people tell me).

  2. I just love rice cakes. :) The very concept baffles me, rice + cake? That exists? Gracious, they are oh-so wonderful!


  3. These look sooo good! Definitely going to try it!