Friday, May 4, 2012

Canada and Celebration!

Hello everyone! Here's been the 'haps' as of late:
-Zach and I went to a pre-marital conference in Canada last weekend (Sunshine Coast, on Keats Island - near Gibsons). It was so lovely. The speaker focused on communication and conflict resolution. Both of which Z-man and I benefited from greatly! 
ALSO, Fiance finished his last day of school yesterday! Until August, that is. 
Some celebratory muffins were in order, because it was his half-birthday too! 
I'm so proud of him! 
He finished his first year of going to a private university, debt free!
Working three jobs to make that happen, while still spending time with me and helping prepare details for the wedding. Goodness, he is so hard-working! He also made time for his family by coming home every weekend to catch up with them, leaving school assignments on the back-burner. I am so incredibly blessed by him, his work-ethic, and his encouragement! Way to be, Zachary!


  1. You guys are adorable together! God found you a good man, and they're hard to find. God found him a good woman and they're hard to find. You both have good reason to be proud of each other =)

  2. Oh you are just too sweet! Thank you! :) :)