Thursday, May 5, 2011

Queen's Day

My name is Katie Ann and I sometimes procrastinate.
True story. This post is a bit overdue. 
Anyway, the day after the royal wedding (yes, I watched it)
was Queen's Day in the Netherlands.
After skyping a friend from Holland, I, along with two 
wonderful friends, went on a picnic.
(Confession: 'Queen's Day' was an excuse.) 
An excuse to eat little sandwiches and juice
(...and almonds) ...on a picnic blanket a beautiful location. 
..that just so happened to be sunny. 
It was lovely. 
You know what else was lovely? 
Nina's shoes:
...oh, and Nina. 
...Who just so happens to have the most beautiful princess hair ever. Thus making all the other girls jealous. See that curl? It's natural. See that color? That's natural too. 


  1. Gorgeous coloring! Such a natural princess =)

  2. Woa!! What pretty hair! Pretty location too!

  3. I love her hair! It's so pretty:D I can't believe I missed the royal wedding though:( I saw lots of pictures, they were so beautiful:)

  4. Aww so cute! I'm planning a picnic for my group of friends the second I can be sure the weather won't disappoint!!

  5. a picnic! that's fun.

    and I like your friend's hair- very princessy!

  6. I wish I had hair like that!! amazing! :) Lucky girl! haha! That is a beautiful location! Your photos are beautiful! New follower. :) I'm having a giveaway over at my blog right now and would love if you joined in!!