Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I can almost taste summer

Not quite yet. But almost.

"Next time you're watching a play, and they ask 'what's the plot?' You can say, well I don't know, where's the table of values?" -Dr. Burger, lesson 8-4.
I cannot wait to finish math and move on to better things in life. 
Things like ... flowers. And music. And dress shopping. And fishing.
Say what!? Fishing? That's right. It's on my bucket list to successfully catch a fish and eat it.
It will happen. Because it's almost summertime. And that's when the fishing is good.
(At least, that's what I've been told.)   
Jacket: Thrift store. Shirt: China. Jeans: Forever 21. Shoes: Payless. Green grass: April showers.  


  1. lol! But you HAVE been fishing... WITH ME! Remember when we were at Barnibas and we had those make-shift fishing rods!? But I guess it would be a lot more fun to get to eat what you caught... (especially if it's salmon.) btw I think that's cute "green grass from April Showers."

  2. I can't wait for summer either! That picture of you and the dog (is it yours?) is adorable ^o^

  3. Summer is so close! I can't wait for dresses or flowers either. : )



  4. Ah! Forget me knots and doggies and adorable outfits! Summer must be really close ;) Love the shoes! I should get a pair of grey converse; they look lovely with just about any outfit.

  5. It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful summer! And fishing is so much fun!!

  6. Dresses, flowers, green grass, (allergies), fishing, frolicking, pretty blue forget-me-knots, sandals, music by the lake, and so much more - it's all so soon, you guys! Thanks for all your dear comments:)

    Much love, Katie.