Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh, Canada. The land I call my...sisters home?

Hello loves! I am currently writing this to you from seat 21, car 3. I'm on my way home from visiting my older sister for the weekend and am all alone on this train. It's very peaceful, and whoever is making announcements is very witty...that always makes delays much more pleasent. I'll post photos when I get the chance! ALSO, if you haven't noticed already, I've put in some type of 'About Me' section up above to the left. If you have any more questions for me to add, let a sister know and drop a note!


  1. Wow! You're riding on a train!! How fun!! Man, I don't even remember the last time I saw Jenny... how is she doing?

  2. Oh, I hope you had a fun time with your sister! I don't have a sister... but I have two little brothers! *giggle*