Monday, January 20, 2014


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Today I held a baby just born. I watched her parents look at her features with beguiling awe; they didn't expect their child to come, but she did ... and there is joy.

Today another friend told me that she aborted hers at 16. She's glad because now she doesn't have to take care of a child. She also mentioned that the baby wouldn't allow her to go to bars as often.

Tonight, my heart pounds for opposite reasons. A storm of tears presses against the back of my eyelids and they just don't know how to fall.


  1. Wow. It really shows the different opinions on life.

  2. Oh this just breaks my heart.

  3. That's just heartbreaking! Crazy how a child can be blessing for some, and a burden for others... I can't imagine women not feeling a bond with their unborn child. Having an abortion is always a tragedy.