Friday, September 14, 2012

Pick up your phone and call someone you love this weekend

(Photo taken on our honeymoon)
Ladies! And gents? No gents read this.
Not even my husband. I haven't let him read my blog.
It's one of those 'surprise' things, you know?
Something that he can discover later. 
I'm curious to know how many of you let your friends and family read your blog?
I think my mom is the only family member that reads/knows about my blog.
(Hi, mom.)
Anyways, cheers to another lovely day.
I hope you are all taking care of yourselves-
(I.e: consuming lots of popcorn, enjoying the last few weeks of summer weather, and treating yourself to copious amounts of nutella and rice cakes.)
Who am I kidding? I'm the only one eating nutella and rice cake ensembles.
I hope you're munching on french bread instead.


  1. My parents know about my blog, but they don't read it haha. I think my brother and his wife check it occasionally, but they rarely comment. I feel a little insecure knowing that family member can read my blog! Not sure why. I guess it's another side of me.

    It's just warming up here (in Australia), and the days are lovely! Fresh buttered bread is exactly what I've been munching on haha.

  2. My little sister is probably my most faithful reader, and she hounds me when I don't blog =) I've been consuming chocolate, so nutella sounds likes heaven...

  3. No one in my rl knows about my blog at all. It is kind of hard for me to share things in person and I feel like my blog is very personal so it feels uncomfortable to share and just strange. Eventually I will bring it up and surprise people with it but I'm not sure when. I'm glad there is someone else who has a blog that very few know about! Yay I'm not alone hehe

    Have a wonderful weekend :)