Friday, June 24, 2011

A day of thoughts

Instead of telling you about life lately, here's an update without many words. 
A jumble of thoughts, photos, and favorites as of late. Feast yo' fine eyes on this, babies:
Today: What I wore.

Other arbitrary thoughts / comments: 
  • I am the absolute worst when it comes to directions.
  • Today, my eyelashes are weak-sauce. 
  • Riding bikes with my broseph the other day was time well spent.  
  • Just because I want to take the American bumper sticker off my vehicle and replace it with a Philippines sticker doesn't mean I'm unAmerican.
  • I am in dire need of a new water bottle.
  • And last but not least, I need to cook something delicious. Soon. 


  1. I love your hair. I so wish I had hair like that! And that house picture?! INCREDIBLE! I want to live or at least visit there!! REALLY badly!

  2. *haha* Cute! You make me laugh, my dear friend:D